Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Natures Vision Fundraising – Top Quality Fundraising Products and Environmental Fundraising Ideas
Our Nature's Vision Catalogs was distributed to all the students on 9/2, Wednesday.  The catalogs will be due on Sept. 25, Friday. 

 Here's some answers to questions you may have.

Can we take checks:  Yes, pls. make it out to HSA SA PTO
Who do we turn the order to:  Order forms can be turned in to their DEAR teacher, front office, or any PTO Officer (when available). 
Is there an online ordering:  Yes, pls. go to 
How will they know the school your from when ordering:  Put our school Organization Code:  50354 when checking out.
Will my child get credit for their sales online:  Yes, they will be able to put the students name on the order.
How much is shipping:  Online ordering includes Standing Shipping charges based upon order totals with FREE shipping on orders of $100 or more!  All orders are shipped within the continental U.S.
When will we receive our order:  Once the order has been turned in to Nature's Vision, their turn around time is about 1 1/2 weeks.  We had a great success on delivery time last year! 
Can I still order after deadline:  Yes, but it will not be counted towards your students prize credit.
Who else benefits from this fundraiser:  Animal Planet, ROAR, The Humane Society, Rainforest Habitat, & Preserve Marine Habitat. Nature's Vision donates a percentage to this group from our total sales.
Any other questions:  Pls. email us at


SEPT. 10, Thursday 5pm-6pm
PTO will have a table to sign up for Membership.  Also, if you sign up and pay, you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a great prize!  Prize TBA! (but it will be GREAT!)  If you already signed up, we will be including your name to raffle.

PTO will be serving snacks and drinks too!

SEPT. 8, Tuesday Picture Day! 
 All students Must be in School Uniform!

Our First PTO General Assembly Meeting will be on Sept. 25 at 4pm.Please JoinUs!

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