Tuesday, November 10, 2015


PTO's next General Assembly Meeting is on Nov. 19 at 6pm. Family Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner is the theme.  We would like to invite you to come and join us, along with other HSA families for a great nite of great food, entertainment and Robotics demonstration!  PTO will be providing turkey and other sides. We're asking the families to bring a dish to share with everyone!

Congratulations to the students with Perfect Attendance & PRS 15+ points for the first 9weeks! PTO gave these students ice cream & an exclusive access of receiving 1 free item from bake sale for 9weeks! Don't worry, if you didn't make the list this time, PTO will reward again students that have perfect attendance and PRS 15+ points at the end of the next 9weeks. Way to go Tigers!

What's the Holiday Store? PTO will be setting up a store at lobby for students/Parents/staff/teachers to purchase items to give to their love ones.  Prices are very reasonable, starting at $1. This will be our winter fundraising. All proceeds will go to PTO's general fund.  
Pls. help us make this successful by volunteering!

Volunteer Opportunities:
LIBRARY - If you are available to help out in the school library  anytime on Tuesday thru Friday from 9am to 2pm, pls. email PTO. Or you can also email Ms. Angueira at dangueira@harmonytx.org.
HOLIDAY STORE - PTO will be opening a holiday Store after Thanksgiving! If you're interested to volunteer pls. email us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com




Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here's some Volunteer Opportunities:

1.  FALL FESTIVAL October 30, Friday
     5pm to 9pm-
    Set up starts at 3pm up to clean up at 9pm
2.  LIBRARY - Pls. come in and help out in our school library!! Contact Librarian
2.  ZOMBIE WALK, Nov. 6 from 6pm to 730p -
    We also need help with Make up for zombies
     and to to help guide participants.
3.  HOLIDAY STORE - Were opening our 2nd  
    Annual PTO Holiday Store after Thanksgiving
     Break. We need parents to keep the store open throughout the week!

If you are interested in volunteering for the above activities, pls. email us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com

PTO would like to Invite You to our next General Assembly Meeting, which will be our Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner! 
 Nov. 19, at 6pm in the Large Cafeteria.  We will have our own School Band perform, Robotics demonstration, Door prize raffling & More!
PTO will be providing Turkey and several sides. Pls. bring your favorite dish to share with other HSA families!
Email us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com to RSVP

PTO will be assisting the Athletic Dept. to raise funds for our Athletes to receive a set of Track Suit. Our goal is that each athlete will be able to have a suit, starting with High School athletes!  If you would like to purchase a long sleeve shirt, pls. click on the link below.  Proceeds will go to this cause!
 Or see Ms. Ybarra if you would like to make a monetary donation!

PTO Board Officers and HSA Administrators with Scorpion Soccer Players on Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for new soccer field.
From Left to Right:  Ms. Ybarra, Mr. Yasar (School Superintendent), Mr. Cakir (School Principal), Erasmus Valdez (H.S. PTO Parent Liaison), Scorpion Players, Mrs. O'Donnell (PTO President), Joanne Narvaez (PTO M.S. Parent Liaison) & Andrea Martinez (PTO Vice President)
PTO CELEBRATED the End of 9weeks by giving 
   each student in the school a popsicle!!  It's a
     small treat but the students were happy
       to have itPTO will celebrate with them
        again at the end of the next 9th week
         with another goodie for each student!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Natures Vision Fundraising Items has arrived!  PTO will be in the school lobby from 230pm to 330pm Wed. & Thursday to distribute items.  If you are not able to make these times, pls. contact us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com to make other arrangements.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

PTO BAKE SALE DAYS are Tuesday & Wednesday. If you would like to donate any goodies, pls. drop off at front office.  All funds raised will go to the PTO's general fund, which are used towards extra events for the students and teachers.
PTO will be placing water & cups for the students to drink during bake sale for free!  Students get thirsty during the hot days while waiting for their ride!  If you would like to donate water, pls. contact us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com

Our next PTO General Assembly Meeting will be on October 22 at 6pm.  Pls. join us!!

We raised a little over $1400 for our Natures Vision fundraiser! Thank You to all the Students & Parents that participated in our Nature's Vision Fundraising!

This will help PTO provide for some of the school upcoming events:

  • Veterans Day Breakfast 
  • Science Fair
  • 9th week ice cream celebration for the students!
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with HSA Families
& More!                                           
If you would like to volunteer for the Zombie Walk on October 23, 6pm to 730pm or Fall Festival Oct. 30, pls. Contact us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com

PTO placed some snack jars filled with some goodies in both teacher lounge! A great way to help Refuel their Energy!
      If you would like to DONATE some goodies (i.e. Health bars, chocolates, peanuts, etc), pls. drop it off at the front office. Pls. inform them it's for the teachers. PTO will place the items in the jars!

FREE gently used uniforms! We have lots available located in school lobby in a box. Pls. Stop by and take some for your child, it's free. You can also drop off any gently used with no tear/holes uniform also.
Don't forget Box Tops due Oct. 30!

Check out Shoparoo.com & sign up. No  cost fundraising throughout the whole year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sept. 22e Post

When:  Thursday, Sept. 24
Time:  430pm following Teacher's Conference
Where:  Small Cafeteria!
Please help us make this a successful year supporting our students, teachers and families!
You do not have to be a member to attend meeting.
Light refreshment and snacks will be served! 

PTO staff will be in the school lobby from 230pm to 4pm to collect order forms. Thank you for your Support!

Pls. continue to collect BOX TOP$
We will be collecting til the end of Oct.
So far our 9E class is leading the way for the class contest!  Way to GO!

PTO will be placing a Goodie Jar in each Teacher's Lounge, filled with snacks (ie. health bars, nuts, chocolates, etc.) Just a little something to keep their energy going when they can't get away to grab a bite to eat!

If you would like to contribute to the Goodie Jar, pls. drop off your items to the front office. Let them know its for the Teacher's Snack and PTO will collect and dispurse it to the teacher's lounge.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Natures Vision Fundraising – Top Quality Fundraising Products and Environmental Fundraising Ideas
Our Nature's Vision Catalogs was distributed to all the students on 9/2, Wednesday.  The catalogs will be due on Sept. 25, Friday. 

 Here's some answers to questions you may have.

Can we take checks:  Yes, pls. make it out to HSA SA PTO
Who do we turn the order to:  Order forms can be turned in to their DEAR teacher, front office, or any PTO Officer (when available). 
Is there an online ordering:  Yes, pls. go to www.naturesvisionfundraising.com 
How will they know the school your from when ordering:  Put our school Organization Code:  50354 when checking out.
Will my child get credit for their sales online:  Yes, they will be able to put the students name on the order.
How much is shipping:  Online ordering includes Standing Shipping charges based upon order totals with FREE shipping on orders of $100 or more!  All orders are shipped within the continental U.S.
When will we receive our order:  Once the order has been turned in to Nature's Vision, their turn around time is about 1 1/2 weeks.  We had a great success on delivery time last year! 
Can I still order after deadline:  Yes, but it will not be counted towards your students prize credit.
Who else benefits from this fundraiser:  Animal Planet, ROAR, The Humane Society, Rainforest Habitat, & Preserve Marine Habitat. Nature's Vision donates a percentage to this group from our total sales.
Any other questions:  Pls. email us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com


SEPT. 10, Thursday 5pm-6pm
PTO will have a table to sign up for Membership.  Also, if you sign up and pay, you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a great prize!  Prize TBA! (but it will be GREAT!)  If you already signed up, we will be including your name to raffle.

PTO will be serving snacks and drinks too!

SEPT. 8, Tuesday Picture Day! 
 All students Must be in School Uniform!

Our First PTO General Assembly Meeting will be on Sept. 25 at 4pm.Please JoinUs!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome Harmony Parents of 2015-2016!
PTO (Parent Teacher's Organization) Welcomes our New & Returning Tiger Students & their Family!  We're Looking forward to another great year of supporting our Students, Families, & Teacher's here at Harmony!
Last year, PTO was able to accomplish the following due to the Dedication & Support of Harmony Families to our Fundraising Events!
  • Boo Hoo Breakfast for Kinder & 1st Grade Parents
  • Seniors College Lockout - Served Dinner for the Seniors that stayed in campus to complete College Applications.
  • Provided Lunch for 22 H.S. students that volunteered for Humanity for Habitat 
  • Teachers Breakfast
  • T-Shirts for the High School Student Councils
  • Raised fund and donated a little over $100 to Cancer Society
  • Veterans Day Breakfast - Served breakfast to the parents and guests
  • Celebrated the students that sold 10 or more items from our fundraising with a pizza party
  • Provided Doughnut and Milk party for students with 15+ PRS points and Perfect Attendance during 1st 9weeks
  • Awarded top 3 PRS points students with $10 gift card to Main Event
  • Rewarded 1 class from Elementary, M.S. & H.S. for most Box Tops collected with an Ice Cream Party
  • Thanksgiving Dinner with families of HSA during November General Assembly Meeting
  • Book Fair Family Night - Purchased crafts, decorations and snacks for this event
  • Gave each teachers a poinsettia flower for the holiday
  • Middle School Science Fair - Provided Breakfast our competing Students
  • Middle School Science Fair - Provided lunch for the 30+ Judges
  • M.S. Science Fair Awards - Gave $10 Main Event Gift Cards to top 3 winners of 9 categories to M.S. students.  Total of 27 Gift Cards
  • Handed out Ice cream to all students taking the STARR test.
  • Provided a Teacher Appreciation Day luncheon for all the teachers
  • Provided cake and drinks to all the Kinder, 5th & 8th grade promotional ceremonies
  • Provided desserts and decorations for the Senior Banquet
  • Hosted our Annual Spring Festival!
  • Field Day! All inflatables used were purchased by PTO

If you are interested on being a PTO Officer, we have 2 open positions:  Vice President. We're also looking for Parent Liaisons.   Pls. email us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com if you are interested.


Clip and Save your Box Tops!
We will be having Classroom Contest with the most Box Tops collected from Aug. 19 thru October 23. Class winner will receive Ice Cream or Donut Party! Turn in your box tops to teachers or drop it in our Box Tops Box located in lobby!
Save Your Receipts!

             Shoparoo is a Free Fundraising Site that allows us to make money from our grocery receipts or any other receipts!  Pls. go to www.shoparoo.com and sign up! Top Student that received the most Roo Points will receive a gift card at the end of the year!


PTO  will be collecting gently used with no stain or tear/hole uniforms.  Then families can come and take a set of uniform per student if available.  Box will be located in front office lobby.  Any question pls. feel free t contact us at hsa.sa.pto.board@gmail.com

Monday, May 4, 2015

"A Teacher Plants the Seeds of Knowledge, Sprinkles them with Love, and Patiently nurtures their Growth to Produce Tomorrow's Dreams."