Wednesday, August 17, 2016

        WELCOME NEW TIGERS!      


Here's a few things to remember:

Meet the Teacher's is on August 18, from 330pm to 530pm.
   Date: August 18, 2016 Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm You are cordially invited to attend our Title I Information Session at Meet the Teacher Night. Please join either session for information on what it means to be Title I campus and its implications for our school and students. Title I Information Sessions: 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm in the large cafeteria

Cookie Dough Fundraising Catalogs will be distributed to all students on Friday, August 19.

August 19,  Worlds Finest Chocolate Boxes will be available for pickup (unless there's a problem with delivery).  This will be an on-going fundraising to help students receive credits towards their Sports fee, Club Fee and more. 

How will it work?  Check out a box of chocolate. Once money is turned in from selling, $20 credit for each box sold will be applied towards an activity fee you choose.
      ex.  1 Box sold =  $20 credit      2 Boxes Sold =  $40 credit   3 Boxes Sold = $60  Etc.....

Or simply sell a box and receive a $10 gift card for each box sold to places like Main Event, Menchies, Chic Fil A, Walmart, etc. once money is turned in.
      ex.  1 Box sold = (1) $10 Gift Card      2 Boxes Sold =  (2) $10 Gift Card     Etc.....

PTO Officers will be in the lobby from 230pm to 330pm for pick up!  Students will require a parent permission to be able to sign out a box.  


    Picture day will be on August 25, 2016 All Students must be in school uniform as fall pictures are mainly for ID pictures. Price Packets will be sent home 1st week of school, please be on the lookout if you would like to purchase school pictures. Payments must be prepared and handed to photographer on picture day.

Clip and Save your Box Tops!
We will be having Classroom Contest with the most Box Tops collected from Aug. 19 thru October 23. Class winner will receive Ice Cream or Donut Party! Turn in your box tops to teachers or drop it in our Box Tops Box located in lobby!

 Save Your Receipts!
Shoparoo is a Free Fundraising Site that allows us to make money from our grocery receipts or any other receipts!  
Pls. go to and sign up! 
Your Receipts Makes Money for Our School!
 Top Student that received the most Roo Points will receive a gift card at the end of the year!


  • End of 9wk/Student Celebration - PTO provided goodies (ie. ice cream, donuts etc.) to all students
  • PRS of 15+ points/ Perfect Attendance Party  - PTO  provided the students with these accomplishments an ice cream party &  bracelets that allowed them to receive  1 item from Bake Sale for the next 9weeks!
  • Provided Breakfast for the Senior Class
  • Provided Snacks for the Senior's College Field Trip
  • Teachers Breakfast - Served the teachers breakfast
  • Purchased T-Shirts for the School Band
  • Purchased T-Shirts for the Ambassador Students
  • PTO fundraised and donated a little over $140 to Cancer Society
  • Veterans Day Breakfast - PTO served breakfast to the parents and guests at our Veterans Day Ceremony.
  • PTO provided Thanksgiving Dinner for the families of HSA during November General Assembly Meeting.
  • Holiday Breakfast with the Teachers & Staff - Handed out their holiday gift in courtesy of Peppermint Village
  • Opened up Holiday Store for students, teachers, and staff to shop
  • Sponsored the fees for the Senior's Rodeo Field Trip
  • Provided Lunch for the UIL Students competing, Grade 6th thru 8th
  • Provided Lunch for the High School UIL Students that competed
  • Awarded M.S. Science Fair Winners -  $20 to 1st place winners (11 total) and Goodie bags for other place winners.
  • Provided Snacks Bags for all Science Fair participants.
  • Served Breakfast for all the Science Fair Judges
  • Awarded 3 classes an Ice Cream Party for Box Tops Contest
  • Sponsored Refreshments for Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Served Yogurt for all the students taking the STAAR testings.
  • Served lunch to the teachers during STAAR testings.
  • Provided lunch donated by Whataburger for the Science Olympiad Team
  • Provided lunch to the Track Team at their State Competition
  • Gave out 8 goodie bags prizes to the winners during History Fair
  • Rewarded middle school classes that finished their Naviance program with a pizza party.
  • Sold World's Finest Chocolate Fundraising to help students pay their  fees for sports fee,  clubs or other programs (such as CloseUp, Summer Camp, etc.)
  • Celebrated Teacher's Appreciation Week by providing breakfast, potluck luncheon and Yogurt day (donated by Menchies Yogurt)
  • Host our Annual Spring Festival and paid for all the rental of the activities
  • Providing pizza, drink and cake for sports banquet
  • Providing cake for 8th grade ceremony